LED Plant Light 22W pink

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LED Plant light. 21.8W electrical power. Pink spectrum. E27 socket.

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Special LED grow light bulb emits light mainly in the regions of the spectrum (red and blue) that are used for photosynthesis. Because of that, they are up to 3 times more efficient than white LED lights with the same electrical power.

Number of LED-s:

Color Wavelength Number of LEDs
Red 620-750nm 72
Blue 420-480nm 6
Warm white 42
Cold white 42
Infrared 6

Pinkish light is easy to eyes and stimulates plant growth.

Electrical power 21.8W
Dimensions: diameter 12,2cm; height 12,5cm;
Weight: 420g

High efficiency SMD2835 LEDs emit up to 20% more light at the same electrical power.

Aluminum heatsink prevents overheating, increasing the working time and the efficiency of LEDs.

Expected working time: at least 50 000 hours.